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VSI sand making machine


VSI sand making machine is a model of the combination of professional fine crushing technology and mechanical manufacturing. Its special rotor structure design, wear-resistant material technology, crushing speed optimization and hydraulic design can be used for highways, high-speed railways, high-rise buildings, municipal construction, hydropower Dam construction and concrete mixing station provide good-quality sand and gravel aggregates, which are recommended equipment in the field of artificial sand making and stone shaping.

Vertical Shaft Impact Crusher Performance and Features:

1. The sand making machine integrates three crushing modes, and can continuously work for 720 hours.
2. Higher crushing chamber, greater crushing impact.
3. During the parts and material procurement, production and processing, the quality is strictly controlled. Wearing parts is optimally allocated for longer service life.
4. Hydraulic autonomous system: convenient maintenance, high performance, low failure rate.
5. The whole frame adopts elastic reinforcement technology, eliminating the problems like easy fracture of motor frame.

Specifications of Vertical Shaft Impact Crusher

Model Soft material Hard material Side and central feeding Fully central feeding Speed (r/min) Power (kW) Overall dimension (mm)
Maximum feeding size (mm) Throughput (t/h)
VSI-1140 50 45 450-520 225-260 1180-1310 200×2 5100×2690×3200
VSI-9526 45 40 300-380 150-190 1360-1510 132×2 4560×2450×2780
VSI-8518 40 35 200-260 100-130 1520-1690 90×2 4140×2280×2425
VSI-7611 35 30 120-180 60-90 1700-1890 55×2 4100×2250×2258

Note:This specification is just reference,any changes are subject to the vertical shaft impact crusher products.

Vertical Shaft Impact Crusher Working Principle
The material enters the crusher from the feed hopper, and the material is divided into two parts by the distributor. One part enters the high-speed rotating impeller from the middle of the distributor, and is rapidly accelerated in the impeller. The acceleration can reach hundreds of times the acceleration of gravity. It is ejected from the three uniformly distributed flow channels of the impeller at a speed of 60-70 m/s. First, it is impacted and crushed with a part of the material that has been collected around the distributor, and then impacted on the material lining in the vortex cavity. The material lining rebounds and impacts diagonally upwards to the top of the vortex chamber, and then changes its direction of movement, deflects to move downwards, and the material emitted from the impeller runner forms a continuous material curtain. Such a piece of material is subjected to two or even multiple chance impacts, frictions and grinding and crushing effects in the vortex crushing cavity. The crushed materials are discharged from the lower discharge port. It forms a closed circuit with the circulating screening system. Generally, the material can be crushed into less than 20 meshes after three cycles.

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