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6XS sand making machine


6XS sand making machine

Feed particle size: 0-50 mm

Production capacity: 100-600 TPH

Scope of application: Metallic and non-metallic ores, building materials, artificial sand making, metallurgical slag

Processing materials: River pebble, granite, basalt, iron ore, limestone, calcite, quartz, diabase, coal, calcium carbide, etc

6XS sand making machine Product introduction

6S series vertical shaft impact crusher adopts a new four port impeller design structure and special sealing structure to prevent oil leakage of bearing barrel. It has a new sand making and crushing equipment, which has the characteristics of energy saving, long service life and wide application. It helps the large sand field to gradually move towards large-scale and centralized production, so as to meet the national requirements for environmental protection and production capacity.

6XS sand making machine working principle

The material enters the vertical shaft impact crusher from the feed inlet, and is divided into two parts through the distributor. One part enters the high-speed rotating impeller from the middle of the distributor, accelerates in the impeller with dozens of times of gravity acceleration, and then shoots out from the throwing wheel at high speed. First, it collides with another part of the material that bounces and falls naturally, and then impacts on the material lining in the vortex branch cavity together, and is bounced by the material lining, The material emitted from the impeller channel forms a continuous material curtain. Such a piece of material is subjected to two or more times of impact, friction and grinding crushing in the vortex crushing chamber, and is discharged from the discharge port after crushing to the required particle size.


Model Sanding making Reshaping Sanding making Reshaping Speed (r/min) Power (kW) Overall dimension (mm)
Maximum feeding size (mm) Throughput (t/h)
VSI6XS8015 30 40 109-117 131-210 1300-1700 75×2 4100×2300×2750
VSI6XS9026 35 45 167-179 200-323 1200-1500 132×2 4200×2400×3150
VSI6XS1040 40 50 264-283 317-515 1100-1400 200×2 4880×2560×3725
VSI6XS1150 45 55 344-368 413-663 1000-1300 250×2 5500×2750×3950
VSI6XS1263 50 60 454-486 545-872 900-1200 315×2 5700×2980×4190
VSI6XS1380 50 60 601-643 721-1150 800-1100 400×2 7900×3260×4183
VSI6XS13100 50 60 738-839 940-1510 800-1100 500×2 7900×3260×4183


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