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rock crusher parts


Crushing machinery and equipment deal with hard and rough raw materials all the year round. Its working parts such as hammer head, hammer rod, lining plate, impact plate and other components wear very fast, and are frequently repaired and replaced, which is one of the most arduous work of brick factory mechanics. In order to speed up the replacement of parts, it is hoped that the external dimensions and assembly dimensions of these parts are relatively standardized to ensure their interchangeability, so that the mechanic can easily take the key parts of the 2PGCS-710X2750 crusher. Manufacturing analysis and assembly research
With the rapid development of the modern coal mining industry at home and abroad, ore crushing is an important part of the coal preparation process, and the crusher is a common equipment used in the coal preparation process. ,Mechanism size parameter refers to the parameters such as the length of each rod of the four-bar mechanism in the crusher, the position of the frame and the position of the moving point of the connecting rod. The design of the size parameters of the mechanism of the crusher is the key to determine the performance of the machine. The connecting rod length of the pendulum jaw crusher "Mining Machinery" body is an important part of the whole vehicle, and its processing quality reflects the design level, manufacturing level and management level of the automobile enterprise. With the increasing competition among automobile enterprises The bigger, in order to make their products in a favorable position in the market competition
A method for grading and matching the assembly size of remanufactured parts The present invention discloses a method for grading and matching the assembly size of remanufactured parts, which is used to compare the first type of remanufactured parts with the second type of remanufactured parts Combined assembly. The method includes the following steps: grading: assembling the dimensional tolerances of two remanufactured parts X, Y. The present invention can effectively reduce assembly deviation, improve product quality, reduce remanufactured product repair costs, and improve hydraulic cones. Crusher key parts design and modal analysis
Hydraulic cone crusher is a kind of medium and fine crusher. Taking a φ1 500 mm cone crusher as an example, the parts of the crushing cone and eccentric sleeve are designed, and Cre02.0 is used for 3D modeling, and based on ANSYS Workbench Modal analysis,...
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