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jaw crusher wear parts


jaw crusher wear parts,Jaw crusher is a commonly used coarse crushing equipment in stone crushing production line. It is usually used for head crushing. It is specially used for crushing large materials. The working environment is extremely harsh, and the requirements for the machine are relatively high. The common vulnerable parts of jaw crusher mainly include movable jaw plate, fixed jaw plate, guard plate, toggle plate, bearing, etc. In the actual production process, the abnormal wear of wearing parts is not only related to the structural defects of the equipment, but also related to the excessive hardness of the material, the coarse particle size of the material, the unsatisfactory lubrication effect of the equipment, and environmental factors.

1. Jaw plate

The jaw plate is divided into a movable jaw plate and a fixed jaw plate. The service life mainly depends on the material and the hardness of the crushed material. The service life and wear degree of different crushed materials are also different. Limestone can generally be used for more than 2 years, and hard materials such as granite can be used for half a year to a year.

2. Toggle plate

There are two functions of the toggle plate, one is to push the movable jaw head to do work and break the stone, and the other is to play the role of a fuse. When iron and superhard materials that cannot be broken are entered, the machine will be protected from damage by its own fracture.

3. Guard

The side guard of the jaw crusher is used to protect the shell from wear. According to the different materials to be crushed, the wear speed is different, and it must be replaced in time when the wear is serious or broken.

4. Bearing

As long as the lubrication and maintenance are proper, the bearing of the jaw crusher is not easy to be damaged. Generally, there is no problem with the life of 3-5 years. If high-end bearings are selected, the processing level is higher, the maintenance and lubrication are timely, and the service life can be longer.
How to prolong the service life of wearing parts? First of all, we should choose materials with good wear resistance to enhance the service life of wearing parts and reduce the cost of users. Secondly, users should standardize the premise of using crushing equipment and do a good job of wearing parts. It is necessary to carry out maintenance and repair, strengthen the inspection process, and replace it in time if it is found to be worn out, so as to prevent greater damage to the equipment and even delay the normal operation of the entire crushed stone production line.

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