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jaw plate casting


The jaw crusher relies on the jaw plate for the processing of materials, and the jaw plate is divided into movable jaw plate and fixed jaw plate, but no matter what kind of jaw plate is used, its quality is related to the quality. Whether the production process can be carried out smoothly, as well as the production efficiency, maintenance cost and other factors, and the quality of the jaw plate, the fundamental determinant is the casting process. Red apple casting will introduce the problems that need attention when casting. .

1. The combination of movable and fixed jaws should be reasonable
The production process of the jaw crusher mainly depends on the fixed jaw plate and the movable jaw plate. The interaction between the two determines the efficiency of the production process, so when casting, we must pay attention to the combination of the two. When crushing, the crushing plates of the movable jaw plate and the fixed jaw plate should have tooth peaks and tooth valleys. This design method, when crushing, not only has a squeezing effect on the material, but also has a bending effect, which makes the crushing of the material easier. , reduce the damage to the jaw plate during the crushing process.
2. The shape of the jaw plate
The life of the jaw plate is related to the use cost of the jaw crusher, and the life of the jaw plate has a great relationship with its shape. Generally speaking, the jaw plate of the small and medium-sized jaw crusher is designed to be symmetrical up and down. The jaws of the large jaw crusher should be designed to be symmetrical with each other, so that the crushing plates can be replaced after wear and tear. This design mode can reduce the frequency of jaw plate replacement and reduce the cost of equipment production.
3. Selection of jaw plate
When we choose the jaw plate used in the jaw crusher, the wear resistance of the material determines the service life of the jaw plate, so when the jaw plate is cast, the material selection is a very important issue. Generally, white cast iron can be selected. Or high manganese steel, white cast iron has high hardness, good wear resistance, easy source and low price, but its disadvantages are brittleness, easy to break, and short service life, while high manganese steel has strong wear resistance and work hardening. performance, greatly enhance the service life of the jaw plate,
4, pour as low as possible as soon as possible when pouring
When the jaw plate of the jaw crusher is casting, once solidified, the sand box should be loosened in time. The inner cooling iron should be clean and fusible, and the dosage should be small. The function relationship of the size is 0.6-0.7 times. If it is too small, it will not work. If it is too large, the cracking of the jaw plate casting will occur.

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