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fixed jaw plate


fixed jaw plate,Jaw plate is the main part of the jaw crusher, there are movable jaw plate, static jaw plate, according to the different models of jaw crusher, there are various models and sizes, generally made of high manganese steel. The crushing tooth plates of the movable jaw and the fixed jaw should have tooth peaks to tooth valleys. In this way, in addition to the extrusion effect on the material during crushing, it also has a bending effect, and the material is easier to break. In order to enhance the service life of the crushing tooth plate, the crushing tooth plate of the small

and medium-sized crusher is designed to be symmetrical up and down, and the head can be adjusted when the lower part is worn; the crushing tooth plate of the large jaw crusher is designed to be symmetrical with each other. The broken plate can be replaced after wear. The material selection of the broken tooth plate, in order to improve the service life of the broken plate, the material is manganese steel containing more than 12% manganese, and ZGMn13 is commonly used. Manganese steel has good toughness, although the hardness is not high (about 210 HB), but because of the characteristics of cold work hardening, it will continue to be strengthened under the action of pressure, so it will continue to wear and strengthen during work until it wears out. Scrap after use. There are also many new materials on the market, such as ZGMn13Cr2 and other multi-alloy composite materials. Although these materials are expensive, their service life is several times that of ordinary manganese steel parts. The manganese steel crushing tooth plate should be treated by water toughening after casting. The operation of water toughening treatment is basically the same as that of quenching, that is, the cast manganese steel crushing tooth plate is heated to 1 000 ~ 1 100 ℃ and then rapidly cooled in water. After the water toughening treatment, a uniform metallographic structure can be obtained, and the metallographic structure can be fixed, so as to avoid the natural phase change during use and the deterioration of the performance.

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