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roller crusher


Feed particle size: 10-150mm
Production capacity: 1.5-900t/h
Scope of application: It is suitable for coarse and intermediate crushing of brittle block materials in cement, chemical, electric power, mining, metallurgy, building materials, refractory materials, coal mines and other industries.
Processing materials: suitable for crushing iron ore, quartz stone, potassium albite, limestone, river pebbles, copper ore, bauxite, barite, basalt, steel slag, cement clinker, garbage waste, concrete, coal, Coke, water slag, slag, clay, fertilizer, chemical raw materials, etc.

The pair (double) roller crusher is suitable for medium and fine crushing of solid materials with compressive strength less than 300Mpa and moisture content less than 35%. It can be widely used in mining, thermoelectricity, cement ceramics, metallurgy, chemical industry, Building materials and other industries have the characteristics of low maintenance costs, reliable performance, less dust, and low noise. The (double) roller crusher is equipped with two crushing rollers. According to the granularity required by the user, the roller surface is divided into two types: flat roller surface and surfacing roller surface. If the compressive strength of the material exceeds 200Mpa, the weighted model can be selected. . The flat roll surface model is suitable for fine crushing operations with a feed size of less than 80mm and a finished product size of 0.5-10mm. Such as the use of pebbles and construction waste to make artificial sand (sand); mining fine iron ore, quartz stone; ceramic industry crushing raw materials; metallurgical industry crushing coke, quicklime; coking plant fine coal powder, coke powder; chemical industry crushing various raw materials, etc. Or similar crushing occasions as above. The surfacing roller surface model is suitable for medium and fine crushing operations with a feed particle size of less than 150mm and a finished product particle size of 5-30mm. Such as pre-crushing cement clinker, limestone and composite materials before grinding in cement industry; pre-crushing coal before grinding in coal-water slurry industry; pre-crushing steel slag, iron ore and silicon ore before grinding in iron ore industry; ore to make non-burning bricks; thermal power plant crushing coal; or similar crushing occasions as above.

Roller Crusher advantages and features

1.The roller crusher bears stable operation,easy maintenance,low cost,output size adjustable.
2.The roller crusher's shell body and inner surface which is in contact with the ore are equipped with wear-resistant liner.
3.The roller crusher can be used in the processing of fragile materials in cement, metallurgy, chemical, powder generation, coal industries.

Specifications of Roller Crusher

Name Model and size Technical performance Motor power
Outline dimension
Feed size
Discharge size
Double roller
2PG¢310×600 <16 2-5 1.5-7 2×5.5 1750×2260×500 3600
2PG¢610×400 <36 2-9 3-9 2×11 1785×2365×1415 3800
2PG¢750×500 <40 2-10 7-12 2×15 2720×2700×1400 10250
2PG¢750×700 <40 5-10 15-25 2×22 3422×2800×1705 11700
2PG¢750×1000 <40 2-10 6-30 2×30 4150×2800×1750 12500
2PG¢900×500 <40 2-10 9-30 2×22 2750×1790×2065 14000
2PG¢900×900 <40 2-10 11-45 2×30 2750×2180×2065 16800
2PG¢900×1200 <40 3-10 15-60 2×55 2750×2480×2065 20800
2PG¢1000×800 25~90 3-40 12-50 2×45 2940×2080×2065 22600
2PG¢1200×1000 <40 3-12 10-50 2×37 3690×3430×2700 46820
2PG¢1200×1200 <40 3-12 18-68 2×75 3690×3630×2700 48600
4PG750×500 30~60 2-10 3-10 18.5+17/11 2760×3585×2650 20800
4PG750×600 30~60 2-10 3.6-12 18.5+17/11 3390×2740×2650 21800
4PG900×700 40~100 2-10 10-60 30+12/24 3150×4175×3147 28700
4PG900×900 40~100 2-10 20-70 45+45/37 3150×4375×3147 31386
4PG1200×500 50~120 3-10 30-90 75+55/40 9610×5600×4240 69000

Note:This specification is just reference,any changes are subject to the roller crusher products.

Roller Crusher Structure and Working Principle

The pair (double) roller crusher uses two high-strength wear-resistant alloy crushing rollers, and the high extrusion force generated by the relative rotation to crush the material. Under the action of squeezing, shearing and grinding, the material is crushed into the required particle size and discharged from the discharge port.

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