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mobile jaw crusher


Mobile Jaw Crushing Plant is our company developed and introduced a new rock crushing equipment, greatly expanded the field of the concept of crushing operations. Mobile Jaw Crushing Plant is one of the latest rock crushing equipment, mainly used in metallurgical, chemical, building materials, hydroelectricity what the utilities often need to be relocated operations' materials processing. It is especially for highway, railway, construction waste disposal and other mobility stone operation. The user can use a variety of configurations according to the type of processing raw materials, scale and finished materials requirement.

Mobile Jaw Crushing Plant Product advantages:

1.Vehicle-mounted electric motor and control box integration;

2.Vehicle-mounted installation support, equipment the venues stationed efficient and convenient;

3. high-performance crusher and large crushing ratio;

4. steering traction axis, to facilitate road transport and venues in depth;

5. rational allocation based on the actual situation of the customer site.

Technical Specifications of Mobile Jaw Crusher

Model Vibrating Feeder Jaw Crusher Belt Conveyor Wheels Extended Belt Conveyor Generator Capacity
SMC400 GZD800*3000 C60 B650*7M Dual-axis Optional Optional 20-50
SMC500 GZD850*3000 C80 B650*7M Dual-axis Optional Optional 50-100
SMC600 GZD960*3800 C96 B650*7M Dual-axis Optional Optional 70-150
SMC700 GZD1100*4200 C106 B800*9M Triple-axis Optional Optional 90-200
SMC900 GZD1300*4900 C120 B1000*11M Quadruple-axis Optional Optional 150-300

Note: This specification is just reference, any changes are subject to the protable jaw crusher products.

Mobile Jaw Crushing Plant performance characteristics:

1, The integration of the entire unit and the concept of unit equipment installation is the integrated group practices, eliminating the installation of split components of the complex site infrastructure and support facilities, reducing materials, working hours consumption. Reasonably compact space layout of unit optimization facilities configuration stationed at the venue space. Simple and compact facilities layout, expanded the material stacking, transit space.

2, It has the features of flexible mobility. Mobile Jaw Crushing Planthas high car site, small turning radius what easy to run in the ordinary road and easier to travel the rugged field area of poor road environment of a broken field. For fast stationed on site to save time. More conducive to enter the presence of construction reasonable region as a whole crushing process to provide a more flexible job.

3 The job role is direct and effective and Mobile Jaw Crushing Plant can be used independently, and also can provide a more flexible process configuration for material type and product requirements to meet the mobile crushing plant, mobile screening and other requirements, so that the resulting organization a more direct and effective, logistics and transport costs to maximize the lower.

4, It is lower material handling costs.Mobile Jaw Crushing Plant, in the material "close to deal with "the principle of the material the first line of on-site crushing, eliminating the material is removed from the scene and then broken, and the processing of intermediate links, decline in transportation costs for materials obviously.

5.It has features of reliable performance and service convenience. Mobile Jaw Crushing Plantto deploy the PE Series crusher which is high crushing efficiency, versatility, excellent broken product quality has a compact and reasonable structure design, excellent crushing performance. Stable and reliable quality assurance can meet the crude and fine materials at the maximum range. The crushing and screening equipment using a 20 ° angle. The screening is efficient and reliable.

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