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crawler type mobile crusher


Crawler Type Mobile Crusher is a high efficiency of crushing equipment that use the self-driven approach, advanced technology and complete functions. In any terrain conditions, this equipment can reach anywhere in the workplace. This can reduce the material handling operations, and facilitate the coordination of all auxiliary machinery and equipment. Through the manipulation of the wireless remote control, you can make the crusher on to the trailer very easily, and transported to the job location. As no need assembly time, the equipment to a job site to work immediately. The mobile crushing station of big crushing ratio, the optimum design to meet the crushers are most in need of technical characteristics, high productivity, the finished particle size uniform.

Crawler Type Mobile Crusher product features:

1.Crawler Type Mobile Crushing Plant has the characteristics of light weight, small size, especially for narrow work on site;

2.It is easy to transport, and not damage the road, equipped with multi-function tools to adapt to a wide range;

3.Set by the material, broken , transmit and process equipment, through process optimization to let the machine has good crushing performance of rock crushing and aggregate production. Through different models of the joint to form a powerful shredder assembly line, complete multi-demand processing operations;

4.The whole all-wheel drive can be realized pivot turn, the standard configuration, quick-change device, with a perfect safety protection functions, especially suitable for the site is narrow, complex regional;

5. Save fuel, fuel saving rates as high as 25%;

6. The supplied power group - optimal design;

7. Climbing operations to meet the crushing requirements in mining, hydropower, coal and other projects.

Technical Specifications of Crawler Type Mobile Crushing Plant

Note:This specification is just reference,any changes are subject to the Crawler Type Mobile Crusher

Crawler Type Mobile Crusher main application;

1.Mobile Screener Crusher equipment with multi-functional operating characteristics;

2,It is widely used in primary crushing of the mines, coal mines, the mining site of the cement industry hard materials;

3.recycling of construction waste, earth and stone works, the city infrastructure, roads or construction sites and site operations;

4.The machine can deal with topsoil and other materials; separation sticky coagulation aggregate; construction and demolition industry; broken after the screening; quarrying industry;,

5.Cement concrete road reconstruction of the peel crushing and the broken of asphalt concrete material regeneration .

Crawler Type Mobile Crusher Product advantages:

1.Light weight, small size, especially for narrow work on site;

2.The transportation is convenient, the crawler system does not damage the road surface;,

3.Especially for narrow site, the complex region;

4.The optimized design is supplied power group;

5.Fuel savings, fuel saving rates as high as 25%.

Track Type Mobile Crushing Plant Product category:

Track Type Mobile Crushing Plantmainly use the crusher such as jaw crusher, impact crusher and cone crusher. Crawler Mobile Crushing Plant can be divided into three series - broken jaw tracked mobile crushing, impact crusher crawler mobile crushing plant and cone break crawler mobile crushing plant.

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