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sand washing plant in Kazakhstan


sand washing plant in Kazakhstan Introduction to Bentonite:

Bentonite is a kind of clay rock,also called montmorillonite clay rock. Mainly include small amounts of illite,kaolinite,halloysite,chlorite,quartz,feldspar,zeolite,calcite and so on.White or faint yellow,because of iron content changes,it also shows pale gray,light green,pink,brown red,brick red,and gray black etc. Waxy luster,earthy or grease luster. Some bentonite loose as soil,some dense and hard. Its main chemical composition is SiO2,Al2O3 and H2O,also Fe,Mg,Ca,Na,K and so on,Na2O and CaO impact much on the chemical and physical properties and the processing technology of the bentonite. Bentonite has been used in more than 20 fields,more than 100 departments of application including industrial and agricultural productions,it has more than 300 products,so people call it “universal soil”.

sand washing plant in Kazakhstan Design:

Design: Wheel sand washing machine model XSD3620

The design is workable to make sure the machine can work most effectively and can help to wash the Bentonite more clean.

Feedback from customer:

“This set of sand washing machine is working well at our construction sites,and no big problems at the moment,maybe we need to change its spare parts in the near future.We will keep in touch with you closely,and any questions we meet will contact you soon. Thank you!” Our customer said to us.

sand washing plant in Kazakhstan

Case Background

Country: Kazakhstan



Capacity: 50tph

Max feeder size: ≤10mm

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