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barite grinding mill in kenya


barite grinding mill in kenya Introduction to Barite:

Barium barite is one of the most common mineral,its main composition is BaSO4.It is produced from low temperature hydrothermal veins,such as quartz-barite vein,fluorite-barite veins,and often associated with galena,sphalerite,chalcopyrite and cinnabar symbiosis. Barite can also produced in sedimentary rocks,nodular and exists in the sedimentary manganese deposit and neritic shale and sand sediments. Barite crystals show big tubes,crystal together can form a rose shape or sometimes forked crystal block,which is referred to as a hairy crown barite. Pure barite is colorless,transparent,usually white,pale yellow,and a glass luster.Barite chemical property is stable,insoluble in water,hydrochloric acid,nonmagnetic and nontoxic.

barite grinding mill in kenya Design:

1.The design is to help to grind Barite more efficiently and to make the machines work hard.

2.A whole set of equipments can work together and grind materials finer and finer to meet customers’ requirements.

barite grinding mill in kenya Feedback from customer:

The grinding mill is working and good performance now,until now,we only change spare parts for customers and the main machine is working very well.Of course,customer is satisfied with our after-sale service and looking forward further cooperations.

barite grinding mill in kenya
Armenia 5-8 TPH Barite Grinding Mill

Case Background


barite grinding mill in kenya Requirements:


Capacity: 5-8TPH

Max feeder size: 1.5 inches

Final Products:100-200 mesh

Design: a whole set of grinding mill model HGM4121

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